A blog on Western Imperialism and foreign policy – particularly within the Arab World and North Africa – from an anti-revisionist, Marxist-Leninist perspective.

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  1. I’m very impressed with the article “Why is the UK…?”. I would just like to point out that in spite of the excellent content you need some editing input. For example: “If Hezbollah, who up until the Syrian crisis; peacefully co-existed in a country belonging of 18 different sects no less, and being an active member of Lebanese government and its security infrastructure: are supposed terrorists. Then one has to ask:” The semi-colon after “crisis” is superfluous; “belonging of” is the sort of mistake non-native speakers make; the word “and” before “being” confuses the meaning (as I understand it) of the sentence; “Lebanese government” needs the definite article; the colon after “infrastructure” is superflous; “Then one has to ask:” is actually part of the previous sentence, which is mistakenly terminated at the word “terrorists”. How about the following: “If Hezbollah, who up until the Syrian crisis peacefully co-existed in a country of 18 different religious sects no less, in spite of being an active member of the Lebanese government and its security infrastructure are supposed to be terrorists, then one has to ask:”.


  2. Steal it by all means. Glad my comment was a help. If you want, send me an article in advance of publication and I’ll check for grammar and punctuation. (For contact info, check out my page, basicediting.wordpress.com. I think it’s not allowed to include e-addresses in these communications.) In theory I set up the website to do this “professionally”, but never mind that. I don’t suppose your website brings you any money. If I’m wrong, you can pay me, otherwise no problem. In the end, the question is reviewing and rewriting, not the help of an “expert”. My commercial intention was to try to find non-native speakers who write academic papers and whatnot in English: if you know anybody in that category, put him or her onto me.

  3. Dear Phil,

    I’m not on twitter, hence dropping you a hug here for your current and inspiring commentary re the predators and pedophiles who historically have been running humanity into the ground.

    Jerry Sandusky and those judges in PA (my home state), who consigned low income youth to for profit (not that those non profits aren’t, also, utterly riddled with Sandusky’s) juvenile jails for money, has once again been brought to the forefront of my thoughts. I believe it’s instructive that Social Media™ – which was ultimately designed and instituted by blood stained (albeit white gloved blood letting, the most horrid, to my mind) fascists – has always, mostly quite subtly, treated the under aged (and older people) with stunningly vile contempt (ultimately, even their own offspring and elders).
    A strong human embrace to you dear, thank you, you’ve brightened my last few days …enormously.

    (sorry for the fake email address, haven’t used email in nearing five years now, long story.)

    Most sincerely,


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