MoD FOI Request: UK Military deployments/operations near/within Syria.

Mr. Philip Greaves

Dear MOD Information Rights Officer,

This is a request for records, or available information, under the UK Freedom Of Information Act 2000; pertaining to any and all available information/records regarding the following subjects:

  • Any UK troop deployments – temporary or permanent – in the Hashemite Kingdom Jordan, including (reported in the media) deployments of UK special forces operating within US-built military facilities close to joint US/Jordanian airbase in Mafraq, Jordan.
  • Any UK troop deployments in or close to Gaziantep, The Republic of Turkey. Including special forces deployed – permanently or temporarily – close to the Syrian/Turkish border.
  • Any current UK military – including special forces – deployments/operations within, or close to The Syrian Arab Republic’s border regions, or within it’s territories.
  • Any UK military deployments – including special forces – deployed in the region of the Syrian/Lebanese border, or within Lebanon’s territories.
  • Any records/information pertaining to UK military assistance (including monetary and non-lethal aid) provided to the “Free Syrian Army”, The “Supreme Military Command”, General Salim Idriss or any other non-official military factions or representatives within the Syrian Arab Republic or a part or representative of either the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) or the “Syrian National Coalition” (SNC).
  • Detailed inventory of items, and materiel, provided to the “FSA” via the UK military or any of its subsidaries/private military contractors acting under the UK military’s instruction – including “non-lethal” aid.
  • Any records/information to refute or verify former French Foreign Minister Roland Dumas’ claim (on live Television and widely reported in the media) that UK Ministers were plotting to attack the Syrian Government and its security apparatus via paramilitary forces; two years prior to the “Arab Spring” and the start of the Syrian conflict.
  • Any records/information that can ascertain which specific militant groups operating within the Syrian Arab Republics territories the UK military/Government has provided with materiel or aid – non-lethal or otherwise.
  • Any future or previous UK military directives, policies or operations involving the Syrian Arab Republic’s territories, or borders, within the time frame of March 2009 to the present.
I write an independent blog regarding the Middle East, and have a clear intent to publish; or otherwise dissemenate the information provided to the public. Although i do not hold employment within a media corporation or hold press credentials; i consider myself as a representative of public media. If you deny all or part of this request , please cite the specific exemptions you believe justify your refusal to release the information or permit the review and notify me of your appeal process for each count of information requested and the procedures available under UK law.
Your office is required to respond to this request within 20 working days. Please provide any records/information produced in response to this request in electronic form to the email provided above. Your assistance with this request would be appreciated, please do not hesitate to contact me with any queries or questions if needed.

Kind regards

Philip Greaves.

2 thoughts on “MoD FOI Request: UK Military deployments/operations near/within Syria.

  1. Phil…..A friend of mine attended a social function a couple of months ago. One of his friends attending was a soldier, shortly to be posted overseas.
    Quite naturally all the youngsters sympathised with his going to Afghanistan……..However they were informed that he wasn’t going to Afghanistan……….but he adamantly refused to talk about where he was going!

    • Thanks Barry, interesting. There have been rumours that withdrawals (and materiel) from Afghanistan are yet to find their way back to the UK…

      Sat in Jordan possibly?

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